Welcome to The Art of Work. This post marks the official launch of the blog. And I am not ready.

My plan was to have ten really great posts up before I started showing it to people. To have a more focused ‘About’ page. To have started a comprehensive list of resources for creative workers of all kinds. To have a more appropriate picture at the top of the site. The list goes on, and would probably have gone on forever, with ‘ready’ seemingly just around the corner but never quite arriving.

But then something came up – I was invited to chair a panel in the Vibewire e-Festival of Ideas. In fact, I was invited partially on the back of this blog. The panel is all about managing creative careers, so in my emails with the festival coordinator I told her about The Art of Work. So since I was using it as my platform for the panel chairing position, it just didn’t make sense to leave the blog unlaunched.

Life does that does that sometimes. You get on what you know to be the right track, you have a nice, sensible plan set up and then suddenly something comes up that is too good to refuse but that requires you to push yourself harder and put yourself out there and you get scarily close to having what you want much sooner that you thought.

Launching the blog in tandem with the e-Festival was a better opportunity than launching the blog when I was ‘ready’. So I got over myself, wrote a few more bits and pieces, and now here I am. This is it. This is the blog. It’s not exactly what I wanted to give you at this point, but it will do and it will grow.

So even though I’m not ready – not ready to post regularly, not ready to handle comments, not ready to deal with all the little details that go into making a successful blog – I’m going to jump in and do it anyway. And so can you. Whatever your own creative project is, the one you’re working on in secret, the one you’re not making public until it’s yea big or (x)% completed or (y) time of year – you may be readier than you think. Or you might need to pretend that you’re ready if an irresistible opportunity comes up. So be prepared.

This post is dedicated to my test-readers, AK and KB, you sweet things.